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Our top ten tips If you are taking your first step on online casinos, you definitely need a boost! We asked our casino pros team for their best tips for beginners. To consume without moderation!

Enjoy the welcome bonus

To get started as a player, take advantage of the welcome bonus offered by all  the sites. Think carefully about the amount you deposit, to receive the biggest bonus possible. And above all, read the conditions of the bonus, to know what to do to unlock it: to release a bonus, it is usually necessary to play a certain amount of real money, which may be more or less important according to sites.

Only play on honest sites

If you play on a dishonest site, how can you win? You can win only on serious sites, which use quality random number generators, and it also secure transactions and offer transparent bonuses, it also provides you with optimal game conditions. So, to win the jackpot, choose an honest operator!

Choose the most advantageous games

Some games benefit the home more than others. It’s sad to say, but with online slot machines, you’ll almost always lose. Total games of chance are generally not very interesting for players. “Reasoned” games of chance, in which you can make strategic choices, are always more advantageous: for example you can consider of blackjack and poker. Roulette and craps can also be very interesting.

Watch for promotions

On online casinos, promotions come and go. It’s up to you to find out what are the best time to play real money, or to deposit funds with a deposit bonus. This is a great way to make your bankroll grow at a lower cost!

Stop playing if you lose a lot

The best way to not lose more money than you’ve ever lost is very simple: just turn off your computer or leave your game assignment on your smartphone. Thus, you will not give in to the temptation to which too many players succumb, that of increasing the stakes and to dig deeper into their bank account.

Do not be fooled by the illusion of the player

The illusion of the player is as simple as powerful. It consists in thinking that, when one has lost several times in a row, the chances of winning increases, and vice versa. To understand how this is an illusion, let’s take the example of the coin or face. When you throw the coin and you get stacked, you have no more chance of falling on the face the next time: the chances come back to zero in each draw, and are exactly the same each time. In other words, it is not because you lost five games of baccarat one after another that the sixth or the seventh will win. It’s better to stop playing and take stock of your strategy!

Manage your bankroll with an iron hand

To succeed in rounding up your end of the month by playing online casino, it is not enough to master the rules and know good strategies. You still need to know how to manage your money. Every day, great players lose tens of thousands of dollars, simply because they do not apply the basic rules of fund management. The idea is to bet each time a small portion of your bankroll, about 5% maximum, and not to increase the stakes after winning a large sum. Instead, transfer some of it to your bank account, and continue to play carefully.

Take breaks when necessary

Fatigue, stress and frustration are the worst enemies of the players. After an exhausting day of work, do not play in real money, but instead relax in fictitious money mode. Also, do not stay several hours behind your computer. Take regular breaks, and stop playing when you feel your mind is elsewhere.

The casino or the bottle, you have to choose

The glass of whiskey or martini seems inseparable from traditional casinos, where players always have a drink at hand. Just warning you: alcohol and gambling are very bad. Alcohol disinhibits and pushes you to take risks that you would not even dream of when you are sober.

Watch progressive bonuses

Casinos usually post on their homepage the amounts of the progressive jackpots of their slot machines. Check them regularly to find out which games to choose to try to win a big jackpot.

Our 11th council

To succeed in online casinos, you need to be informed about payment methods, promotional offers, new games and changes in legislation. Our site is a veritable mine of information on all these issues. Do not hesitate to use and abuse it to keep you informed and progress. Check back often because we update our pages according to the news. And most importantly, remember: an informed player is worth two!