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Progressive jackpot slots are the most famous kind of slots, on both online as well as land-based casinos. These slots make millions for the players in one single win. People can strike it rich playing progressive jackpot slots, but it is vital to understand what it is and how it works before playing.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive Jackpot slots are similar to regular slots except for the jackpot part. A slot game pays a jackpot depending on the symbols on your pay lines and the gameplay of that particular slot. The progressive slot accumulates the jackpot amount until one player wins. For every bet the player makes on the game, a small amount contributes to the progressive jackpot. There is no limit to the progressive jackpot amount.

Progressive slots are very popular among online casino players. The attraction of winning a life-changing amount in one single spin is irresistible. There are many variations to the progressive slots in the online casinos. But all of them will need the players to place the maximum bet to win them.

Let’s check out the below described different types of progressive slots.

Standalone Progressive Slots

Standalone progressive slots are independent slot machines. The jackpot amount increases only when players bet on the specific slot. Once the jackpot is paid, the jackpot resets. The jackpot amount of standalone slots is less compared to the other types of progressive jackpot slots because it is a single-game slot.

In-House Progressive Slots

These slots are connected to other different types of slots of that particular casino or the slots by the same gaming provider. Because it combines the bets of many other slots, the payout is more than the standalone slots.

Network Progressive Slots

Network progressive slots offer the biggest jackpot sums, going up to hundreds of thousands of dollars and sometimes millions, because these progressive slots connect to multiple online casinos sharing the same platform. Because hundreds of bets are placed every minute, and thousands of players contribute towards the amount, in the end, this slot can give a life-changing payout.  Microgaming are the kings of progressive jackpot slots. Their slot, Mega Moola,h is a classic example of a network progressive slot which can see jackpots of over £5 million.

Random Progressive Slots

Sometimes the game developers give out progressive jackpots randomly. They are also called mysterious progressive jackpot slots. It usually has two types – minor and major. While playing for the major or the bigger jackpot, the players can win minor jackpots on the way.

Progressive jackpot slots are the biggest attraction and do give out huge winnings which make them the highly sought-after. But it is not for every player. Firstly, you need to bet the maximum coin bet each spin to win which can sometimes be $/£20 or $/£30 per spin you need to see if it suits you or not before going in. It is not the best choice for you if you are playing on a limited budget.